Corporate Event Planning
Event Management- From the Board Room to the dance floor Vanni Productions will assist you in making an impression to your clients and colleagues with a well-orchestrated event. Whether it be company meetings, holiday parties, award ceremonies, promotional events, Vanni Productions will grasp your concepts, see your vision, and bring to life the reality of what your organization wants to accomplish in a successful event. Vanni Productions is well versed in all fields of production management.

Company Christmas party
Vanni Productions
Company Holiday Party
Audio- Audio or sound quality is a key element on how your party or presentation is projected to those attending your event. Whether you have a small gathering or arena size venue, Vanni Productions educated sound staff will analyze the objective and optimize the best audio set up. From concert to quadraphonic sound arrangements making vocal and music sound as precise as they should be.

Visual- Vanni Productions offers you a wide range of visual possibilities from single to multiple screens, projections, cameras, graphic art, PowerPoint, DVD, and video, the combinations are endless based on your needs. The capability of having dynamic audio and seamless visual raises the bar to all that attend by showing your seriousness in quality standards. You will find working with our staff not only exciting but informative as well.

Special Effects- Nothing adds to the excitement of your event like a perfectly timed balloon drop, fog machine or confetti banger display. Although having the right sound and visual is important, keeping the crowd interested, captive and dazzled with the proper lighting and special effects adds to the ambiance of your event.

Entertainment- Vanni Productions provides two disc jockeys that are fun, interactive and have strong command over the dance floor that help to influence even the unlikely participants. We’re not just DJ’s but entertainers with the experience to read the room and consider all genres of people and music. When the formalities are over it’s time to party and dance but when the clock strikes the end of the night there is no greater feeling for us, for you and for your business than to see the smiles on all the faces of clients, colleagues, friends, family and most of all the smile on your face.
Company Party dancing the Electric Slide

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